Custom Software Core

Custom Software Core

Custom Software Core is a free to use library of middleware software that allows you to interface your .NET applications to PowerMILL and PowerSHAPE more easily than using macro commands.

(Prior to being able to download Custom Software Core, you will be asked to complete an enquiry form. Once this form is completed, you will be redirected to the page where you can download Custom Software Core)
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  • Are you fed up with how long macros take to author?

  • Do you want even more automation for your processes?

  • Do you need help developing custom applications?

What Will You Gain?

Custom Software Core has three main advantages that will help you develop custom applications:

Code Intuitively Upgrade Easily Reduce your Code
Encapsulation of macro commands within an object oriented design allows you to code more intuitively. The use of IntelliSense in Microsoft Visual Studio means you are able to quickly add functionality to your application that previously would have required you to record a macro to find out what commands you need to send to PowerMILL or PowerSHAPE and then paste these commands into your application. Custom Software Core will also make upgrading your custom application from one version of PowerMILL or PowerSHAPE to the latest version easier. If the macro commands for an operation change between product versions, this change will be handled within Custom Software Core. Your application will continue to function as before. The number of lines of code in your application will now be reduced. Typically you will require at least 50% fewer lines of code compared to using macro commands. Rather than lengthy blocks of macro commands that are hard to read, your application will now contain easy to read function calls, each one encapsulating many lines of macro commands.

Seeing is Believing

Yooshu manufacture custom made sandals that use the customer's feet in the footprint of the shoe.

The custom solution provided to them interfaces with a third party foot scanner to retrieve the scan data and then uses PowerSHAPE and PowerMILL (including the PowerMILL Robot) to automate:

  • the CAD process
  • the toolpath calculation
  • the robot post-processing
  • the automatic delivery of the NC program into the robot controller.

All of this was written using Custom Software Core as the interface layer between PowerSHAPE and PowerMILL allowing for faster application development compared to writing macro code directly.

Take a look at this video to see their CEO Scott Goldie talk about his product as well as their custom application in action.

Our Custom Software Team are experts at creating custom applications that allow your customers to automate all of Delcam's products as well as third party applications and hardware.